July 30 2016
car accident 2

Let’s be honest. Most people don’t expect to ever file a claim. Sure, they may have great insurance and are prepared for any eventuality, but actually utilizing it is something else altogether. Of course, insurance is there to give you a financial assist when an unfortunate event occurs. Here are some tips on helping to make that your claims process run smoothly.

Before you even have a claim, be sure your policy covers what you think it does. Did you upgrade your auto policy when you decided to customize your car? When you finished that beautiful addition to your home, did you also make an addition to your homeowners policy. Nothing stops the claim process faster than something that is not covered.

Speaking of coverage, many people don’t understand how important collision insurance is until they hit a light pole or another car. Sure, your liability will cover the other guy (if you have enough coverage), but your repairs are 100 percent out-of-pocket without collision. That Low Cost Insurance policy may have seemed like a good idea way back when, but minimum coverage is exactly that. Also remember your deductibles. Sure, the higher the deductible, the lower the premium, but that deductible comes right out of your bank account

When a claim does occur, fully document everything. If it’s a fender bender, take pictures of both vehicles, get names of witnesses, and take down complete info on the other driver and any passengers. If someone broke into your home, call the police and get a report.  Be sure to detail all your losses and back up with pictures and receipts.

Call your broker/agent or your company’s claims hotline as soon as possible. Your policy might require that you make the notification within a certain time frame. Remember not to make permanent repairs. An insurance company may deny a claim if you make permanent repairs before the damage is inspected.

The best course of action is to talk with your insurance professional and be sure you are covered for everything you should be. Better to be safe now than sorry later.

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